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Thursday, December 04, 2008



Brit's images are GORGEOUS!! WOWZA!

Glad you have you back.. been having BG withdrawals ;)...

tara p.

what an amazing looking family! WOW is all i can say!!! she's a mom?! what/??! she looks gorgeous supermodel!


So glad to see you back and so jealous of Brittany's photos!! They are GORGEOUS!!!

Corinna H

Beautiful family! Beautiful pictures :)

Erin G

Yay! You posted Brittany's pics! Thanks. I had been patiently waiting to see them. I knew the combination of her beauty and your talent would produce some winners, but these far exceeded my expectations. Great work!


this is SOO not fair- no one family should be this HOT! {amazing images once again}


thata girl. blog it up. :)

p.s. - she's had two kids...seriously?

Heather M

Thank you Brianna for feedin you blog! It has been greatly missed!

Daniela B

gorgeous images as always.


sniff, sniff...yes...we've missed your posts;)
So happy you're back!



Wonderful pictures and great looking subjects!

Glad to have you back Brianna!

Mark W.

Excellent images! Great looking family and a great location.

Heather Morrow

so maybe you haven't fed the blog for a while but this is like a thanksgiving feast!!! seriously, woman. you can rock it like nobody else. (p.s. - is it okay for me to hate her for being so beautiful?)


Wow these look AMAZING!! Brittany you look so awesome!! Great to see these, looking forward to seeing more!


BG, the photos are awesome I love how you work wonders with people.. These are so hip and edgy gotta love it love it love it!!!!

Brooke D

wow! think of how much better these pics would be if you had some decent looking clients....lol!!

seriously, could they BE any more GORGEOUS!!! Nice to see you back....


What a gorgeous family!

ashley m

Do I know this face? Such awesome shots!!!


Yeah you are back... whoohoooo.. love these shots what a gorgeous family and that tickle shot.. brilliant.. so real and natural.. nice to see new stuff from you, as always its beautiful and inspiring


LOVE it Brianna! You ROCK!

Jodie  Allen

i love the one where his shoes are untied! :)


I really freakin love these pictures! So poppy and colorful.

Dan G

These are soooo AMAZING! Thank you so much! I have never seen Brittany so excited about anything as much as she is about these pictures. You are an amazing photographer. The whole experience was so much fun. THANKS! (Coming from a guy that hates to get pictures done this means a lot)

jared r

They don't look like no mom to me.

Bella L

Ummm, hello adorable family! Amazing work Brianna... Were they just incredibly thrilled with these or what!

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