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Tuesday, February 05, 2008



hes q good person. no really :]

Tonya W

Yes it is time for change. This election is so important. Everyone need to get involved and vote during this critial time. Thanks Brianna for your wonderful gift of photography. I was looking at an old edition of rangefinder and saw your work. You are amazing, GOD bless!


Briana, Thanks for the link. I'm a moderate conservative and I'm begining to think we have someone special here. It's my hope that the people of this country vote with their heads and hearts and not jump in lock-step with the political machine. This country needs change!

Rona L

How do you type tears. This is so much bigger than Senator Barack Obama. It is time. In this country. It is time. And Yes We Can!


Inspiring words for both parties actually!


i believed. i passed it on. thanks for sharing.

Tracy S

Amazing video!! Thank you for sharing, I will pass it on!!

Kristi H

He is truly an intelligent, charismatic and inspirational person. I was wondering as I watched this, if these were his own words, or how large of a part a speech writer played. I hope they were his own, then he is even far more gifted than I had believed.


Yes we can..and we need to. Thanks Brianna. Looking forward to meeting you in March.

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