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Saturday, January 12, 2008



Awsome photos, as always! He is a very handsome man.


His mom will be in heaven!


These are incredible!! What a cutie!!


I can't stop looking at these photos. They are gorgeous! Love your PP. Great work.


Brianna - I've been checking out your site for a while, I decided that I had to say something today. These are simply fantastic and I just love your post processing on these! Take care and keep shooting!


simply amazing


Oh to be 18 again..... Stunning photos.

Gloria M

Love the color one he is in denim looking to the side. You can just change the watermark to "Ralph Lauren polo". Nice!




He looks like a Kennedy. I'm loving the post processing.



these are just lovely...he is very handsome, and you captured him so well. I love the post processing you did with him. It kept him looking "rugged" and "manly."


Your pictures have such a different feel lately, mostly the way you have been post processing. I love it! It is very creamy and vintage at the same time. He is such a looker!



Fabulatastic.. these are awesome are you sure hes just a high school senior? he looks more like the cover of GQ

Joy K

must paraphrase my 5yo...."Dang, man!"
These are the COOLEST. Everyone one of them, straight out of GQ! You rocked it again, girl! You continue to be my "Swoon, Sigh....." blog.

martha s

fantastic shoot! love your processing on all of them. always looking for "boy inspiration" - and this is definitely IT!

i so love #3 and #6. your angle and processing are just killing me!

Michelle H

Wow, wow and wow! Love these, esp. the Black and whites. Gorgeous. He looks like he's straight out of GQ. Loving all the blog posts too! All the best. -M

Kimberly K

Ummm, yeah! This guy could change any mind! What beautiful shot you captured. He will love these!!!! You are very talented.

Kristi H

Wow!!! He is really good looking and your posing and capturing of him.....I am so impressed (particularly after my own recent attempt at photographing two 15 and 20 year old brothers!)


wow!! love these!! what a great session!

Norma K

Hi Brianna, I have been visiting your site for some time and am always amazed and in awe of your talent !!!! I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog some time ago. My dream would be to attend one of your seminars, if only I can find one that is not sold out :')

Rita J

These are amazing! Such a variety, They look like they are out of GQ magazine.


Those are wonderful!!!! Great job!!! He is model material!!!!!!


awesome...some of the photos have that james dean look!

Matthew D

Great face to shoot... well captured. Your black and whites look especially great.


Namaste Brianna! Wow! Your work is always great! You are very talented and thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

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