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Tuesday, October 23, 2007



beautiful things come when you follow your heart (not your head) really, i think thats what freedom is all about. being you. everyone who reads the blog already knows what your heart has showed them through your work- your fabulous!!!


beautiful things come when you follow your heart (not your head) really, i think thats what freedom is all about. being you. everyone who reads the blog already knows what your heart has showed them through your work- your fabulous!!!


Hi Brianna,
i think your pictures are all wonderful. You have no idea how jealous i am of you. Your amazing!


I totally ditto DavidA above. What definitely sets you apart if your eye - not just for composition, but for seeing light. Your use of natural light is breathtakingly beautiful. You are inspiring to so many photographers, including myself. Any chance you'll be at the DWF convention in January? Would love to say hi! Ü


I remember when I first spoke on the phone with you, and I was telling you how much I admired your work, and you said, "But I'm just me...." And you are 'just ' you.....and a wonderfully talented and kind hearted you that is! So happy to have found in you a new friend, and a constant source of encouragement and inspiration.....
Thanks for being, 'just' you :)


Girl you are such an inspiration to all of us. I think the fact that you are so humbled makes you so approachable. I heard you are meeting up with us a SPA. Can't wait to see you. If you still want to do Dallas let me know:) We are game! NO RULES!!!!!


I really loved this post. You are such an inspiration to people, and although it sounds odd, at times I am sure that can be a hard spot to be in. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. I have been guilty of the same feelings about posting, but lately I just say whatever is on my mind (ugh...scary I know..lol)...I even have fun being silly on my blog. Enjoy your work and who you are, it's a gift. :o)



Kerri B

You continue to inspire me! I stumbled upon your work only a month or so ago and was in complete awe...your images are not just pictures of people, they are alive. You capture so much more than what most of us, and that inspires me and many others. Your humility is something we can all learn from as well.
Thanks for being YOU!


Brianna, I always enjoy your work.. it has this clean-ness about it.. is that a word? it has a freshness a creative edge.. I check your blog pretty much every day, so today it wa snice to see a new entry..and you go with your No Rules thing.. I think we all need to step back and just let go some.

Amy M

Hey Brianna, You aren't EXACTLY like everyone out there. From what I can tell - You are confident enough to lead; humble enough to be respected; talented enough to succeed; generous enough to encourage; unique enough to inspire; creative enough to be distinctive. That doesn't sound very average to me.



Brianna...your humility is what makes you so amazing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and for giving us a glimpse of you just being YOU!


Girl-your pictures are gorgeous! You are some talented lady. My husband said at the beginning of this year..."You need to be confident in yourself and in God." He has given you a tremendous talent to capture feeling as well as beauty and composition in your photographs. Through your photos, I see you. You are beautiful!


well said!
and A M A Z I N G images!!!!! Wow, your lighting is fantastic!


Hi Brianna,
You're right,.... You are no different to all the other people out there. In fact you are human. And being such you have doubts and struggle to believe your work is as brilliant as all those "name" artists. Thing is you produce great stuff consistently. It's real. It portrays real people - little ones and big ones. AND. You read the light. There it is. Sure you are the same as everyone else - just that your creative edge is that you see light and understand it. Other people have different creative gifts.

So keep doing what you do best and I will keep being inspired by the richness of your photos.
DavidA from West Australia


I love your honestly in this post, I often feel the same way when people compliment me on my work. These images are so amazing, I really look forward to you posting. My fave is the red head in the green chair with the red backdrop. I opened my studio recently and it has been fun playing with the lights like you taught us at the workshop. Thank you for being an inspiration and just being you.


Thank God for Google Reader! Without it, I think my fingers would go numb from either typing your blog url in or having to go through to find your blog in my 'favorites' :-)

That said....you see, this is why people love you! Because you just 'are' and that's what makes you 'you'. And, I think Jess said it when she said, I wish I could attend all your workshops. So, of course, inquiring Seattle workshop minds are dying to know....

Stunning work as always!


i would of been the first to comment but i never know what to say...loving your work would be a total understatement. it just makes me happy so thank- you for sharing.


You could not be any more lovable.

Amy P

yeah! I've been waiting for a post! Stunning images.


Your honesty and modesty are what make you the inspiration that you are... you don't put on airs - you are REAL! That is what makes you so special. Thanks for this post. This is what I struggle with most.

Joy K

Well, THERE you are. I didn't want to be a pain, so I have been patiently clicking in...daily, lol. These pix are beautiful...all classic Brianna. I love it! On my blog, I just post pix LOTS of the time...I guess I feel the same way - some days, just nothing to say, LOL! Well, anyway, thanks for sharing!


Hey B (and P)!

I am SO glad to read this. Not because of the photos (which are amazing) and not because of the fact that I was one of the lucky girls to attend your amazing workshop -- but because I think letting yourself BE -- is a huge opportunity to grow and be MORE.

Sometimes putting yourself out there with all the bumps is not the easiest thing -- but you know what? It's what makes you who you ARE -- and that is what people want to see. Beautiful images, of course, but coupled with the beauty of the artist BEHIND the images? --



Wow! Amazing photos from the workshop and I love the new 'no rules' rule. You put into words exactly how I've felt about posting on my own blog lately. I'm sure those of us checking regularly will enjoy anything you post. :)


I think this is your best post yet. I have a blog too and have yet to even link it to my website. I think I'm in the same boat as you. I wanted it to be updated and perfect before linking it. I gotta get that done. I really need to quit getting tied up in the little details of it and just do it.

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