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Monday, August 13, 2007



These are so beautiful! Just, wow.

Michele A

Love it, Brianna. Just came across your work. Love the richness, the texture, the depth. Well done!

Kara E

Wow - my comment is going to get lost in here! These are SO to DIE FOR! That texture - and opacity... so so sooooooooo beautiful!


brianna. WOW. I just don't know what to say, but i can't stop looking at these. i always love your handling of color and tone. just...wow!


Seriously, Brianna! Could you BE any better?! Sheesh! These are just stunning . . . going to haunt me for a while, I think!

And ditto everyone's questions about the textures, borders and PS treatments you did here!


It is amazing too, how just a different turn of the head and/or expression can make the whole picture, yeah?
Looks like you had a lot of fun! Keep 'em coming!

Michelle C

I also would love to know if you used any sort of actions on these, the frames and everything about them are so cool!!! I just keep staring!

Michelle C

OMG!!!!!! These are sooooo flippin' FABULOUS!!!!!!! I can't believe she is only a senior. LOve the treatment you did on these, such fabulous work!!


All of these are just amazing. I love your style!

Karrn H

Hi Brianna,

I love your effects, what software do you use?


David A

These are just fab. You have really excelled with your texture treatment of the first and the fourth too. Presented such contemporary pics with what is really quite a vintage look. and of course it helps just a tad that you had a half-decent model eh!!!


Do you have any idea how incredibly talented you are? You work is nothing less than amazing and I hope I can have a chance to work with you in the near future!

big fan:alisia

Melissa H

Wow! You never cease to amaze me. These images are super chill!

dawn s

Again, just beautiful!
One lucky girl (and Mom!) to have these stunning photos!
Waiting for more Brianna!


As I look at my daughter in the photos I find it difficult to adequately express my love and sincere appreciation for all the work you did for us. She LOOKS UNBELIEVABLE! You have an amazing ability to capture the absolute best in people through the eye of the camera, "A TRUE ARTIST!" Thank you for making this once in a lifetime event unforgettable. I look forward to working together in the future.


WOW.....I am seriously speechless.



I just have to comment- these are so beautiful! You are such an inspiration!


Hi Brianna-

Love those images! Did you use any sort of actions to get the effects? If so, can I ask where you got them?


Jen D

Really gorgeous! I'm not usually a big fan of textures but your use of them in these pictures are perfect!


Ok, we need better communication...I have been in chicago since thursday. Im actually sitting in my hotel room now! How was your trip? What else is new?

- Dan


Olivia is stunning.. I would of never guessed she was a high school senior.. wow.. and the images Brianna.. you just rocked them.. they are amazing. You never fail "AWE".. Thanks for sharing you continue to be a huge inspiration to me in my own work.. thanks for that.





Absolutely stunning. I just recently found out about your work and I am absolutely stunned by it. Gorgeous.

Post processing on these photos is amazing--it gives them such a glamorous look, and, of course, your model is just beautiful.

What kind of textures and blend modes did you use for these?


Wonderful shots and I love the textures!

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