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Monday, August 27, 2007



I am so glad I stumbled upon your work! WOW! You are simply amazing. I found you via Jesh de Rox's website, I am one of the contest nominees...thank you if you were one of the one's who nominated my photo :) I cant wait to explore your site further...i am in awe of your work :)

Joy K

I ALWAYS adore your work....no exception here!

Kara E

SOOOO wonderful! Love the locations - and the processing. I gave my brother your workshop info... he'd love it! (as would I!!!)


Beautiful, I am still trying with my photoshop skills you taught us! It is a work in progress. Love the close up of her with the white shirt on, she looks flawless.


Gorgeous. Love your processing! LOVE those last four especially!


I love is when I click to your blog and see new stuff. AMAZING!



More beautiful work! I love senior shots....and I'm so looking forward to the workshop.


These Senior Portraits are awesome.. I love em' they have a great feel about them.. well done


Wonderful session! I think the first is my favorite as I recently have been drawn to masks and mattes

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