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Sunday, May 06, 2007


David & Eliza Borjon

Hello there,

Just wanted to say,"hi" and that I do admire your work. Very clean, very sophisticated and yet very simple... I was first introduced to your work via Rangefinder Magazine and loved the shot that graced the cover and really all the shots featured in the article. I have been visiting your website and thought I would ask you if you have any plans for a California workshop in the near future. If so please let all us Californians know right away.

David B.


Do you ever hold workshops on the East Coast? I would love to attend! Thnaks, Liz


Toronto eh??? That is so cool, can't wait to find out more on dates and location. I am in Alberta, but IN Canada non the less!! :)

Michelle O

AHHHHH! Too bad...I am out for the Seattle one. My cousin is getting married on the 21st! Please come back soon though!! I'll be crying as the bride walks down the aisle, not because she is getting married but because Brianna is having a workshop locally that I'm missing! But SHHHH, I never said that!


Hi Brianna, this is my first comment but long time admirer of your work. I would love the opportunity to be a part of your workshop. Hope to hear from you soon. I've emailed you. Have a great day!!!

Rachel Absher

Oh Brianna, this stinks!! I will be in MI. from May 29-June 5...shooting a wedding.
I would have loved to attended. Hey, if you aren't busy (lol) I would love to meet up with you while I am there. Let me know.

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