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Friday, February 02, 2007



Please put me down for the list for Toronto. I would also be interested in any other Canadian workshops.
Thanks :)


I am new at photography and still learning. I love your shots and wouldbe extremely excited if yu came to dallas. Keep me posted.


Wow found your attendee's captures on a web forum and I was so blown away. I want you to come to boston!!! love your work!


Stunning! #1 made me gasp...Your workshop is on top of my list...

Nanette Gerrits

To all of you thinking of attending a workshop - DO IT!!! I can not say enough about how inspired I was when I left. Brianna - THANK YOU so much! I can not wait to see you again in April!


I'm interested in attending one of your workshops - need more info...Thanks!

Jen Lee

I'm totally interested in taking one of your workshops in the future, love your work!!

Elizabeth Kehr


It was nice to meet you at the Gap the other day. I wish I was at a point in my life where I could come work for you..... I will keep my eyes open for someone that would be perfect. Thanks again.....

Elizabeth Kehr (aka Gap girl/cashier)


Hi Brianna, please keep us updated on your upcoming workshops, your work is AMAZING!!! I'm TOTALLY interested in going. Are you going to have any in California??


I'm interested in the Toronto workshop.


I would be very interested in your Dallas workshop - please keep me posted! Thank you!!!

Kim Downs Gorombey

Brianna--I would LOVE to get a schedule of your upcoming workshops. And if you ever want to come to Kansas City, just let me know! :)

Kym Berry

Ohh....not fair! I wish I lived in the U.S. (Australia is to far away!) - I wanna go to your workshop! Well maybe its time for a family visit back to the U.S. - I'll just have to plan it around one of your workshops! I love your work - such an inspiration.

Lisa Maksoudian

Brianna, I'd love information about your October workshop! Phenomenal images...I love your stuff.



ok, I just hope you keep this workshops enough time for me tosave money for them. Do you have pre-requisites?


Wow! I love your style! Very beautiful light! Blogrolled you!

Love your name too....take a look at my site for answers. ;)


Hey Brianna, Congrats on a successful workshop! Please put me on a list for a Toronto workshop! And if you need help organizing at all, let me know. I could totally help with that.


omg - that 2nd one with them smooches - rocks my socks.. I ADORE IT!! great little models - awesome pics!!

Michelle Croson

Your work is so Fantastic! I am so Jealous of those that go to go to your workshop. I hope you have more in the future!

Joyce Smith

Just absolutely beautiful, Brianna. I cannot wait to attend the April workshop!


oh my goodness. you're one of my favorite portrait photographers. you just have such a grace and delicacy while being very you. these are inspiring.


Oh my Brianna.....if only!! What I wouldn't give to go to your workshop....you are such an inspiration to me! I guess for now I just have to settle for your blog! LOL!! LOVE the photos....the first one seriously made me gasp!


What an inspiration your work provides. I am very interested in attending one of your workshops. Please keep me in mind.

Kate Bogot

Love the shots! I would love to attend the October Workshop! Keep me posted!


Your work is amazing. Is there ever a chance you give a workshop on the Westcoast, like Vancouver or Victoria, BC?

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