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Sunday, February 25, 2007



Gorgeous image!

David Akesson

Oh I love your pics ,.... but Brianna has your camera been broken!!! hope not.
I am suffering withdrawal symptoms from being inspired by your latest creations :-)


Hello Brianna,

I'm from Brazil, and I'm just a beginner on photos and stuff, and your "style" is just what i want to look like... i dont know if u undertand what i mean, but... please, could you keep on touch with me, by email, to give me tips and talk about it?!
And im so sorry about my terrible, horrible, awful english... im a little bit rusty...
Thank you so much for your attention.


these are amazing.

Daniel J Pesta

Beautiful use of color, that couch is truly you and the use of it is amazing. Glad to see that your all moved into the house and that your slowing down to keep up the high end work you do. You rock!! Went to a conference with Will Crocket. Color Inc took 3 of us down and back and treated everyone that was a Color Inc client to lunch. There prints are amazing. Anyways, great work as usual,

God bless,

Brian McDonnell

I simply love how the emotion in your photographs feels so real....that and the lighting, the color and everything else. Fabulous.


I love your style. Your work is real art. Can't wait to store what is in store for this season.

Ryan Christensen

I love these images, especially the second one, well done!


These are so sweet. I love how the babies eyes look like glass in the second picture. Just beautiful!

Angie Monson

Wow, these pictures are absolutely breathtaking. They draw you in. Can't wait to meet you all at the workshop!


Kara Elmore

so beautiful! Love the lighting - and fun colors on the couch! How fun to be in your new home! YEAH!

Amanda Padgham

Wow- amazing as always! You are a true inspiration! I'm glad the move went well and that you are feeling more settled!!Looking forward to talking to you soon!


Oh Brianna.. So nice to see you again.. well you know what I mean.. I have missed your blog entries.. Congrats on the new Home Moving is always overwhelming.. glad you got through it.. and are hopefully settling in nicely.. Enjoy the new home.. I love these portraits.. cant wait to see more new stuff from you.. its always just so breath taking.. I also referred a friend to you for a wedding in September.. Hopefully she will get in touch with you..

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