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Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Brianna, just found you daily Blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. Regarding the boys that were signed on to the Modeling agency, before I even say your post about the signing I thought "who are these kids...models!" You have an ablity to capture a distinct beauty in every photo. Looking forward to seeing more images.

amber lowe

it's been a while... your work is absolutely increbible missy. i look forward to seeing what you do in '07.

Karen Buckle

These are so fantastic, I am definitely adding your site to my favourites immediately

Melissa Mullinax

Oh, wow!.....I'm so tickled to have found your blog! You've been officially bookmarked. LOL!



Brianna, you're back! You should be so proud of all you've accomplished this year! You've inspired me to reflect back over the year as well. Maybe I'll look back and find I was published! Oh wait, that was definitely not me... it was YOU! Congratulations on a wonderful & successful 06.



these are gorgeous. WOW.

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ohhh yea! Absolutely gorgeous, Girlie!!
..especially loved the b/w with the colored sofa...
such inspiration, as always.


I'm speechless Brianna! I could sit and look at your work all day.....seriously! Oh, the horrors it would do to my b*tt! LOL!!

Joy Kaminski

After viewing your blog for awhile now, I thought it was time to post. I really admire your work. I am so struck by the color of your work - it is deep, rich and saturated, but you keep key points luminous and almost transparent. I love the beautiful pictures you capture - I am so intrigued by your art. Just beautiful.


Brianna, These are exquisite..#1 is so fun! Love them all...

Jen Kroll

Happy Brianna Graham Day! ;) It's still Tuesday on the West coast right? That's got to count for something!

Kara Elmore

So amazing. Love their attitudes in #1- and the last shot of her sweet hands by her face. Only to be captured by you! ;0)


So beautiful! I absolutely love the sofa. It's perfect with your style.

Daniel J Pesta

Always growing,

there is just a photo that states Brianna Graham. You never end entertaining me and my wife with your beautiful work. We are always taken back in awe of your the images. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work



Hey Brianna. Nice to see some new stuff as always I love / no adore your work.. so beatiful so much love for what you do shows right through..just amazing.. cant wait to see whats on deck of 07

David Akesson

The artist has arisen from her New Year sleep!!! love your work and have missed your posts. These are no exception. Beautiful and well presented.

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