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Friday, November 10, 2006



What a great honor; you deserve it!! Congratulations!

amber lowe

amazing accomplishment brianna! congrats!!!


Congratulations, you totally deserve it, your work is highly admired!


Oh, what a small world. I got that issue and was totally taken by your work. And then today, found you at BluDomain and popped over. What a surprise when I discovered the serendipity.

Your work is lovely.


wow!! I am so impressed, you have such talent. Great work, and congrats on making the cover!!!!!!



A bit late, the holiday rush has been insane but a quick note raving about the article: a beautiful showcase of your amazing images! I was *thrilled* to see your work featured and this was a much deserved moment in time for you. Showcase this in your studio, this is the ultimate in awesome.

Congrats! I can only imagine you're STILL on cloud 9.


Allison Rodgers

So awesome!
I'm so excited for you. You are extremely talented adn so deserve to be recognized like this.
Can't wait to get my copy!



I am so going to buy this magazine...the pictures looks awesome. Great job!!! more than words can say!

Martha Bravo

I got the mag! my first thought was, what a great photo on the cover and when I went to the credits and saw it was you WOW! I was so happy for you when I read the article, you are very talented and I am happy for all your success. Keep on with all your good work!

Prema Buck

AMAZING Brianna...that is so cool and so well deserved!


CONGRATS! What A Wonderful thing, we are so excited for you, and wish you many more Cover Shots!


CONGRATS!!! I got my copy a few days ago and was so proud-what great images.

Can't wait to visit your studio someday soon!

Nicole Kessel

As soon as I received my copy of the magazine I had to come and check out your website! You are such an incredible photographer!!! ...and a HUGE inspiration to me! Keep up the great work and congratulations!!!

emily loftus

Congratulations. I love Rangefinder and love, love, love this cover image!

Kara Elmore

WOO HOO for you - and for us that we LOVE LOVE LOVE your work so much!!! I recognized it immediately. Congratulations!

Amy Montgomery

What Brianna isn't telling you is that it's also by far THE BEST Rangefinder cover I've seen this year, if not ever. Congrats Brianna... this issue is staying on my coffee table!


Congratulations Brianna! It is well deserved! What an honor to be chosen as the cover. I am sure you are just thrilled. I check out the website everyday for new additions. I just love seeing your images. It is no wonder that they wanted to do a piece on you. Great job!!! I would love to see some new wedding images too, expecially your time in Cabo!


Congratulations Brianna!

The image on the cover is my all-time favorite image of a mother with her daughters. It's just perfection!

It's so great to see you featured and I can't wait to show everyone I know the photo of my daughter on the inside spread!


Proud Nana

Thank you for bringing my girls closer to home in this beautiful picture. It captures all that they are with their big bright spirited personalities. Everytime I look at it, I can hear them giggle!!! You have a very special talent and deserve all this recognition!


congratulations!!! that is such an honor!

Michelle Black

Congratulations,dear! I actually found you through Rangefinder, and am so glad I did. You are such an inspiration! You really capture people at their most natural, and I adore your creative use of studio space, feels so much more relaxed and fun than most.


Congratulations! Your talent is so evident in all that you do. And your work certainly does sell itself. I read the article online a few days ago & loved it!


Congratulations! Beautiful article.:)


I was estastic to find this waiting for me in my mailbox! Congratulations! You have incredible style, and I really loved reading your story.

Daniel J Pesta

Awesome Brianna

What a great picture for the cover, you truly are unique and among a class grade A photographers. I am happy for you and to know your care for the hurt and oppressed give you such a depth of character, may God continue to guide and prosper you,


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