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Friday, October 13, 2006



Found your blog by chance... I must say it was a happy moment.

Your work is inspiring. I do hope to meet you some day.
Concerning the little girl... life in that neighborhood has never had much value to those that pass thru. It is sad... terribly sad. There is so much beauty in that part of the city. I have often been inspired by the Heartside and the people that live there.... Blessings!

Tim Co.

I'm not a client of yours (i'm actually another photographer) but I wish I was! I stumbled upon your work, its amazingly incredible and truly inspiring. I thought i'd seen it all, but now I'm left tilting my head and just in complete awe of your work and your presentation of it.

I also read your story of the little girl below, wow what a crazy story - your actions were truly awesome.

I hope your having a good day taking probably awesome pics @ a wedding!

Take Care,
Tim Co.

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