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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



That top photo with the border caught my eye. I really love that border! Did you purchase that or design it yourself? I would be interested in finding out how to purchase that if it is avaliable. Great work!


HEEELLLLOOOO??? Where are you Miss Brianna??


Love the hoodie pic., too cute! Greatly enjoy the brushes on pic number one as well. Any chance you want to share where you got them?

Kara Elmore

OH - Simply fabulous! And that overlay.... you know what I'm going to say... :0) LOVE IT!


I just wanted to let you know that I truly admire your work! You have inspired me in so many ways! You have taken pictures for some friends of mine and I just love coming to your site to see all that you do. This Friday you are doing a wedding for another friend of mine so I look forward to seeing those pictures too! Oh, and I have to say your picture of the bride and groom on the front page of your website is simply gorgeous!


Love that 1st one - is the border done with brushes? - your own creations? I just dl some new brushes borders & havent had a chance to figure out how to play yet! She's a stunning model!


Love the candid photo of the boy and the parking meters!
Thanks for the wonderful critique - no I don't have any more room on the left (I totally see what you mean now- it would look better) BUT I can retake the photo since it's my sister and nephew!


well deserved. you have a wonderful eye and beautiful work. lovely.


These are cute and fun.. my favorite of this lot is the very first one of the brown eyed girl.. Stunning with those eyes and long brown hair.. LOVELY. and of course all of the pics here are wonderful but that one is my favorite of this post.




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